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10 Tips For Maintaining A Saltwater Aquarium


Always Make sure that your saltwater aquarium has a specific level of gravity (amount of dissolved salts) level of about 1.022 to 1.027.


The best water to use in a marine and reef aquarium is Reverse Osmosis or De ionized water, as it has very little contaminants.


Do your best to make sure that all of the fish that you keep together will get along, fish that fight are under more stress and are more susceptible to disease and infection from wounds.


Make sure you do a water change of at least 25% once a month, doing this keeps phosphates, silicates, ammonia and many other crucial elements to a minimum while helping to replenish minerals that have been used by fish and corals.

5. Be sure to change your light bulbs every 6 months for reef tanks or 12 months for fish only tanks. The light spectrum and amount of light emitted from a light bulb is drastically reduced as a light bulb ages.  Proper light spectrums are important to create photosynthesis in corals and to keep non invasive algae from growing.
6. Make sure you position any corals in locations in which they prefer. Most corals do best in a certain location, this may be closer or farther from the light source or in a high or low current.
Some corals can also sting other corals and should not be placed near each other. Research each coral before you purchase it so that you can make the best decision for these locations in your aquarium.
7. Select the right type of filtration for the type of species you have in your aquarium. One of the best types of filters for general use is a wet/dry filter as it helps keep a proper bacteria balance, but special filters may be required for many unique species like sea horses, which require little or no current as well as jellyfish that need a special aquarium and filter called a Kreisel tank that rotates water in a circular current and does not suck in the floating jellyfish or their food.
8. Clean algae from the aquarium glass and decorations on a very regular, if not daily basis. Algae multiplies much faster when it is allowed to build up in the aquarium.

9. Choose your aquarium's placement carefully, keeping it away from air conditioner or heater vents and windows exposed to outside sunlight.  Do not setup your aquarium near a window. Natural sunlight is very bright and will stress out fish and make algae grow much faster, if at all possible keep your aquarium in a stable temperature area away from natural sunlight.

10. Make sure you can supply the proper foods for your chosen fish to keep them alive. Believe it or not, a large portion of aquarium specimens bought in pet stores are almost impossible to keep alive as their food source can only be found in nature. Before you choose a fish or invertebrate, make sure you can supply its food source.


These Tips on Maintaining a Saltwater Aquarium Provided By:

Steve Paglianite

11084 Blackhawk Blvd

Davie, FL 33328





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