The Egg Diet

Traditionally when we think of eggs, we think of something we should avoid because of high cholesterol, but that is not always the case.

In your super market you can find a 99% Pure Egg White product right above the regular eggs. These egg whites products contain 0 Fat, 0 Cholesterol and only 30 calories per serving. Make a meal out of these with a couple of slices of Fat Free Cheese Slices(also have 0 Fat, 0 Cholesterol and only 30 calories) and you have a meal that is very filling, very high in protein and only around 200-300 Calories. Make sure you use a 0 calorie cooking spray for the pan and add some spices like red and or black pepper.

If you still need some more diversity, try adding some fat free turkey hot dogs and make an omelette!

Substitute the Egg White meal for 1 or more of your regular meals and you can save a couple of hundred or even thousands of Calories and Fat grams per day!

Weight, Triglycerides and Your Health

Is there a relationship between weight, triglycerides and our wellbeing?
Most doctors, advertisements and people talk about the importance of lowering their cholesterol. But few people know the importance of keeping triglycerides to a minimum.
Elevated triglyceride levels are associated with a myriad of illnesses. The risks of stroke and heart disease top the list of chronic illnesses. And then, there is the metabolic syndrome, obesity and high blood sugar.

Either way physicians measure it too many triglycerides are not a good thing. Certain physical experts associate high triglycerides as an indicator of a host of other medical conditions: hypothyroidism (insufficient levels of thyroid), kidney disease, poorly controlled diabetes and liver disease. Not to mention, high triglycerides have been shown to trigger unusual genetic conditions.

To keep triglycerides below the radar, use these healthy tips:

Caloric reduction.
Because extraneous calories are converted into triglycerides, they are amassed as fat. Lowering daily caloric intake represents a decrease in triglycerides.

Make healthier food decisions.
Instead of eating food high in saturated fat, substitute foods with monounsaturated fat. Instead of cooking with margarine, butter and vegetable oil, replace them with monounsaturated such as canola, peanut and olive oils.

Trim the fat.
Being a few pounds overweight can heighten triglyceride levels. Shedding just a few pounds of weight can help decrease triglycerides. For weight loss inspiration, concentrate on the overall health advantages of trimming the fat.

Watch cholesterol intake.
For a healthier diet, restrict cholesterol intake to less than 275 milligrams a day. Case and point, foods with the highest concentration of cholesterol include: egg yolks, organ meats (liver, intestines, heart) and whole milk products.

Red Meat May Cause Cancer

According to recent studies, people who consumed large amounts of red meat were at an increased risk of getting colon cancer. At the end of a 20 year study, the American Cancer Society has confirmed that those who eat more meat get more cancer.

As a specific statistic: those who eat the most meat get colon cancer 30-40% more often than those who eat it sporadically. In fact, eating meats like, hot dogs, sausages, and lunch meats were at a 50% greater risk than those who ate them less frequently.

Those who chose to eat fish and chicken were at a decreased level of risk for colon cancer.
According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, “The researchers collected detailed information on the diets of nearly 150,000 men and women aged 50 to 74 living in 21 U.S. states. They collected data in 1982 and 1992-1993, and followed them through the end of August 2001. In that time, 1,667 of the study participants developed colon cancer.”

Although the study was not designed to pin point the healthy amount of meat to consume, the study found the lowest colon cancer risk was in men who consumed less than 1.5 ounces of red meat per day and in women who ate less than 1 ounce of red meat per day.

The best way to reduce the risk of cancer, living an active, healthy and smoke free life will help. Meat is not the only cause of cancer but it takes a significant portion of the risk with regard to colon (site-specific) cancer.