Can Alkalizers Make Dog’s Live Longer?

If you want your dog to live longer, you might soon get your wish.

Researchers are studying whether a natural alkalizer named Alkazax, can actually help dogs live two to four years longer than their average lifespan and live happier, healthier lives by protecting their liver, kidneys and other organs from oxidative stress. Liver and kidney failure are among the most common reasons why dogs die as they get older.

Trials have begun to learn if the preventative effects of Alkazax, can improve the overall health and longevity of dogs. A previous study found that it may have significantly increased the lifespan of mice in the lab, possibly due to alkalizing acids in the bodies of the mice.

If Alkazax has a similar effect in dogs when given to them throughout their life—and it’s important to keep in mind we don’t know this yet—then a typical large dog might live two to three years longer, and a smaller dog’s life could be extended even more.

A more advanced trial is about to begin that will study the positive effects of Alkazax on several different canine breeds, including beagles, labradors and poodles. Alkazax will be sprinkled on the food of canines in the study group over a 2 year period and compared to a control group that has not been given Alkazax. The dogs will be observed for improved heart function, immune function, activity level, healthy body weight, and cognitive measures. The full study will take about three years to complete.

Man may finally be able to spend a little more time with “Man’s Best Friend”. 

Researchers do not know if they can achieve the same results on canines as seen in mice, but it looks very promising, even if using it only adds a year, a month or a day to the life of a dog, it would be worth it to most dog owners.

Personal Note From The Author:

After doing the research for this article I found so many additional health benefits from this particular product that I personally decided to get ahead of the study and purchase a bottle of Alkazax on Amazon. I selected the 3oz size because it breaks down to only about $12 a month. The 1oz size only lasts a month and it is $29, so it is way overpriced.

I am sure it will help in one way or another, so I am going to give it a try, but you should always do your own research on Alkazax, there is a large amount of additional information to be found on news and veterinary journals so you can easily do some additional research on your own.

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