Treating Dog Ear Infections

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One of the main reasons people get dogs is for them to have fun with it. It will be however hard to have fun with a dog that has certain problems that could be affecting its health. One of the common conditions that could cause a dog to be lethargic is ear infections.

This infection is very troublesome for dogs. They will keep on shaking and scratching their heads because of the uncomfortable feeling it brings. If you think that being uncomfortable could be taken by your dog because he’s a tough one, think again. Leaving it untreated longer will only lead to deafness.

How can you command your dog to attack a burglar when it is deaf? How can you command your dog to crap on your neighbor’s yard? See all the fun things that you would be missing when your dog becomes deaf.

When you see presence of ear infection suffered by your dog immediately take it to the vet for medication. One sure sign that will be present that makes sure you need to bring your dog to the vet is the foul odor and yellowish or black discharge of the dog’s ears.

The treatment that will usually be given to the vet is just administering of medication. You would also need to clean the ears of the dog daily. It may be a tough job, but its tough love.

Be very cautious when cleaning the ears because they are still sensitive. The dog may become pissed off and bite off your hand. To keep your hands safe, ask the vet how to do it properly.

The best way to cure ear infection has always been prevention. Try to be a responsible dog owner and learn how you can prevent your pet from suffering at home.

Prevention should be given importance to those pets that have hairy ears pendulous ears or medical or allergic problems that makes them prone to ear infections. If you are unable to clean the ear of your dog weekly, bringing the dog to the vet for ear cleaning will help. Cleaning the ears of the dog also has other benefits as well.

Dogs that have hairy ears should have their hair inside the ears plucked by their groomer or vet.

If you love your pet so much, you should be able to show it life long care. One way to give it the life long care it needs is by grooming it properly. After all, the usual health problems of dogs are caused by being unhygienic.